The Reputation People

Why Us

Why The Reputation People?

What Makes Us Different?

Why Us
The ‘Dark Arts’ is a subject best left to the wonderful Harry Potter books – we aren’t practitioners
Here are 10 things that differentiate our company

  • We’re real PR pros – no fluff
  • We’re qualified to do what we do
  • We have vast experience across sectors, countries and cultures
  • We want to make PR more accessible to businesses through affordable and flexible pricing
  • We want to help businesses understand PR and harness it’s power to support their commercial objectives
  • We bring greater pricing transparency
  • We don’t charge admin fees – moving paper is part of business, not a revenue stream
  • We will look for opportunities to support the local community – not simply extract its business
  • We believe relationships and corporate responsibility lie at the heart of a business – not transactions
  • We are equally as excited about working with small businesses as large ones