Spiking is the Latest Cause for Concern for Women

Spiking is the Latest Cause for Concern for Women

On Thursday 28th October there will be a boycott of nightclubs across Edinburgh and Aberdeen to demonstrate that women are not comfortable going out due to a high number of spiking by injection cases that have happened in the past couple of weeks in cities across Scotland.

An Instagram account named “girlsnightinedinburgh” created a page one day ago and it has already reached nearly 2000 followers and hundreds of shared posts trying to get the word out. The people running it are demanding tighter security, stricter bag checks and the hiring of bouncers that care about the wellbeing of people attending the clubs. One of the Instagram posts says “We deserve to have FUN on our nights out. It’s not fair that our club experiences are being tainted by the fear, worry and anxiety that we’re going to be drugged.”

This isn’t the first coverage of these incidents. Instagram account “edi_anonymous” an anonymous account for students in Edinburgh used to raise awareness of sexual violence and empower survivors has put out a serious of posts concerning the matter. It asked its followers “Where in Edinburgh have you been spiked?” and more than a dozen different popular spots in the city were identified – WHYNOT nightclub on George Street being the one that people said most.

There are numerous accounts for cities in Scotland standing for women’s safety, @reclaimthestreetsaberdeen, @reclaimthestreetsglasgow, @reclaimthestreetsdundee, @ivebeenspiked, @strutsafe and many others. Some of the posts that have been circling around include how to tell if you were spiked and how to help a friend who has potentially been spiked.

Many drugs used to spike people are odourless, colourless, and tasteless which ultimately makes it impossible to tell at the time. The most common drugs are ketamine, ecstasy, gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) and rohypnol. These leave your system quickly and can cause memory loss and blurred vision, which makes it difficult for victims to report their concerns. Symptoms to look out for include sudden mood swings, appearing extremely drunk and disorderly even if you haven’t drunk much, feeling like your legs have stopped working, slurred speech, nausea, sickness, unconscious and potential seizures.

If you believe your friend has been spiked, make sure to stay with them and keep talking to them. If you’re at a bar or nightclub tell staff immediately, call a friend or family member, make sure they get home safely, and don’t hesitate to call an ambulance if you are worried.

This all comes at a time when women are increasingly concerned about their safety and protection, following several recent high-profile attacks and murders of women across the UK. Women should not have to be in the position where they can’t go out because of a fear of someone spiking us. Women already cover their drinks, don’t leave drinks unattended, and even have colour changing nail polish to identify if their drink has been spiked. Now they are being injected. What has the world come to? Where are women supposed to feel safe? We at The Reputation People stand with you all. Stay safe and look after yourself, your friends and others.

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