We Are Making a Name For Ourselves in Edinburgh!


We Are Making a Name For Ourselves in Edinburgh!

Reputation is the lifeblood of any startup. They are still in the early stages of building an audience and need as much help as they can get. In many ways our own situation reflects this reality as we also need a lot of help in getting as many eyes on us as possible.

Fortunately, we have several tools at our disposal that can help us in that regard. One of the most effective ones is client feedback. It’s an organic and trustworthy method for both awareness and conversion.

This is a big reason why we created our profile on Clutch. https://clutch.co/uk/pr-firms. The reviews that we received there gave our team the necessary insight into where we stood in relation to the rest of the industry. It’s also a great way to motivate our team through the projects we engage in. Here’s a good example of what we’re talking about.

The client was a luxury skincare company that needed help with the management of the PR, promos, and other publicity campaigns. They came in contact with our leadership team during a networking event and chose for our experience in the Dubai market, where we have experience.

Our team essentially took over all the client’s social media posts, media obligations, and any other marketing efforts. The goals included networking, staying on top of social media posts, and keeping track of its metrics.

Many of the details regarding the results are already included in the review which we won’t repeat here. But we just wanted to mention that because of this feedback we were listed on Clutch as one of the top PR firms in the UK. This is a great position to have, especially for a relatively young company like ours.

This is only the beginning of a very long journey for our team though, and the new year brings new promises for us to grow. If you want to be part of that journey, you can learn more about our services on our website. You can also contact us directly to begin discussions on your next project as soon as possible.

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