What Does Your Reputation Say About You?

Every time you communicate you change your reputation – positively or negatively

Reputation can make or break your business.

About Us

We were established to bring a fresher, more ethical approach to public relations.


From social media to crisis communications and everything in between.

Why Us?

We’re qualified, experienced, good at what we do and we’ll deliver real results.


It takes years to build a great reputation but seconds to destroy one. Traditional and social media can help you to spread knowledge, encourage advocacy and gain loyal supporters of your brand. But they also represent the greatest potential danger to your brand’s reputation.

If your business doesn’t have a good reputation, or is invisible, its days may be numbered.

If you don’t manage your reputation, someone else will.


Today’s communications landscape is noisier and more distracting than ever.

Each person receives hundreds of marketing messages a day.

How do you get your story heard? And what do you when something goes wrong?

We can help.

Don’t be worried – be informed and prepared – let’s build and protect your reputation together.

The Reputation People
Telling your story, protecting you brand
Reputation is really important – it can make or break your business. Ultimately, it comes down to communication.
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